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Franchise Opportunities
Career Opportunities
Start your career or plan your next career move by joining our growing organization.

Do you love the challenge of working for a global provider of financial and business counselling services to individuals and small businesses?


Are you talented and highly-motivated?


We encourage you to join our Cabot Square team.    



Employee discounts, employee award programs, bonus and incentives, ongoing training and development,  opportunity to move into different careers, travel, strong support network and a positive working environment.



Cabot Square believes in ongoing personal and professional development. We encourage employees to continue to grow professionally. We offer many opportunities for continued growth and learning throughout the organization.

All new hires are required to participate in a half day New Hire Orientation session that provides information on our corporate culture, organization structure, services that we provide to our small business clients and an overview of our employee benefits.

To guide your success and development in your new position, your manager will help you establish performance and development assessment goals through our online employee evaluation system. To ensure that you remain on track, all employees will be evaluated during our formal mid-year and year-end performance appraisal process.

Cabot Square provides training in-house and offers access to outside seminars, education modules, and tools for maintaining your professional licenses and obtaining the needed continuing professional education credits.

At Cabot Square, there are many opportunities for a challenging and rewarding career, and tools for continued success as you GROW WITH US!


Cabot Square is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

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