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Our Services

Our Services
Our goal is to OPTIMISE the use of our clients' financial resources in line with their
individual needs and expectations, at every stage of their financial life. 

Our Investment Services team is a professional provider of financial planning. We seek to maximise our client's wealth through sound financial advice, tailored to individual needs and risk comfort.

Our approach is to focus on long term financial goals, providing a detailed plan on how to achieve them and using a diverse range of investment and insurance solutions. We offer ongoing advice on how to manage these investments to ensure maximum results.


Many financial planning firms are owned either by an insurance company or a bank who then distribute their own products. At Cabot Square Planning this is not the case - we are not owned or controlled by a financial institution, we only act for our clients.

In addition, our advisers benefit from being part of a group that provide taxation and accounting advice, meaning the financial plans we construct for our clients take into account the taxation impact of the investment strategies recommended.



Our services include;

  • Financial planning and advice.

  • Share trading.

  • Tax effective wealth accumulation.

  • Superannuation.

  • Retirement planning.

  • Risk insurance.

  • Estate planning.

  • Regular savings plans.

  • Investment and tax planning.

  • Gearing strategies.

Call us on 02 9485 0500 to get started with Cabot Square Planning right away! 

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